Our Story

Our Story

Welcome to findmefitness.

The fitness industry is like no other. For some, working out is empowering, exciting and a real keystone to their personal development, whereas for others the very thought of walking into a gym is nothing short of terrifying and embarrassing. No matter which of those extremes, or anywhere inbetween, you may be, at some point everyone considers working with a personal trainer. We wanted to break down the barriers that people may have when trying to reach their fitness goals and while looking for a fitness professional to help. Thus findmefitness was born So you decide that enough is enough. ‘I want to get started’, ‘I want to be pushed harder’, ‘ I want to understand my body better’, ‘I want to rehab from this injury’, ‘I want to look this way’ ‘ I want to feel that way’ and you start to look for a personal trainer. What do you do?

Chat to the first trainer you meet at the gym? You know nothing about them or their experience?

Search for a trainer on google? Guaranteed you will find hundreds of websites, facebook pages and yellow pages ads that are overwhelming and time consuming to read through. Even once you have chosen a trainer is there any guarantee you will actually get along with them? Enjoy their company? Respect their level of education? These are all very common issues that occur in the industry on a daily basis.

Personal training is just that….


The rapport you build up with your trainer is essential to the gaining of trust of their competence as well as the enjoyment of their sessions. Here at findmefitness, we identified these issues and therefore the aim was to create a single website, where the general public could find a fitness professional whose skill set matched their personal goals and health requirements, as well as whose personality and interests allowed them to work enjoyably and successfully together. Welcome to the findmefitness community. We look forward to serving you

Steven Inglefield

findmefitness, Marketing Director